Instagator Airboat Rides - Happy Passengers

The Ride


Meet at: 8190 W King St, Cocoa, FL 32926
River Lakes Conservation Area Boat Ramp

Get the Airboat Ride of your life!

It’s time to RELAX and take in the part of Florida landscape that people are aching to experience. It’s the old-time cabbage palm shores or the cypress forest of Tosohatchee. It’s a stroll across an ancient Indian burial site from long ago while you absorb the silence of an open flood plain, the St. Johns River, and SO much more. At Instagator Airboat Rides, there are no bad charters, just some better than others (depending on the weather and the wildlife) and I really hope you’ll take an afternoon or morning and come join me. I promise, you won’t be disappointed! We offer rides near Cocoa, Florida, which is close to Cocoa Beach, Port Canaveral and Cape Canaveral. An airboat ride is a great local activity for after a cruise out of our port!

Gator on the bank

The Airboat

My INSTAGATOR airboat is a late model, state-of-the-art Diamondback. It’s 18’ long by 8.5’ wide making this not only spacious and comfortable, but SUPER stable and SAFE! The fellas out there will appreciate the recent incorporation of the 780 HP big block GM producing 823 FT LBs of torque @4000 RPMs. Most think it’s overkill, but look at it this way, if I can cruise at lower RPMs, that motor’s not straining to push. That means longevity, durability and dependability…. (notice I said GM). I cannot stress enough the importance of impeccable maintenance when traveling to such a remote place! This boat will run dry ground indefinitely and we ARE NOT getting stuck in the mud I assure you!

The vessel is rated by the Coast Guard to carry only 6 passengers making this tour very intimate and personalized. Always remember - in this business, size matters, and smaller IS better. When you start messing with greater capacities past 10 people, something must give, and 3 items off the bat are performance, viewing and comfort. If you’re not in front- you’re looking at someone’s back! There’s a place for everybody in this business though - some travel coach, others First Class… ‘nuff said!

Another wonderful addition I’ve incorporated is aircraft style headsets with microphones! This allows for a fully narrated tour and the ability to talk to each other no matter what speed we’re traveling. My headsets operate through a digital sound processor enabling crystal clear communication as well as blue tooth capability for any music requests… IT’S A BLAST MAN!! I also furnish a cooler stocked with iced down waters and if you want to add sodas, beer or snacks it’s all good! Please try to avoid glass containers which I know is hard to do with craft brews- I get it! Other than that, get ready to kick back and take it all in ‘cause like I say, “It’s a journey, not a ride around the block!”