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Capt. Mike Channell

Captain Mike Channell was born and raised here in Cocoa, Florida. He grew up sharing the same interests with his Father and oldest brother which was all geared around the outdoors. From hunting along St. Johns River to fishing 100 miles offshore, the 70’s and 80’s were wonder years for this would-be Captain. He embraces EVERYTHING to do with Florida’s natural surroundings and has gained a lifetime’s knowledge of it. He now enjoys sharing that knowledge of the Florida wilderness with his airboat passengers from areas like Cape Canaveral, Port Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, and all over the Space Coast.

He began spending much of his time at sea as a Merchant Mariner longing for a different direction, when an ad popped up for an airboat captain in Kissimmee, FL. “I never dreamed that living vicariously through others’ vacations could be so rewarding,” says the captain. “I love to have fun as much as anyone, but never knew I could be so good at it… much less, make a living doing it!” This love of hospitality led to the discovery of his beautiful bride Antonia who was vacationing from upstate NY and took an airboat ride with him. “I could feel it man- she stepped off and glanced back as she walked from the boat. As for the next 7 minutes, well that was pretty awkward and clumsy for THIS sweaty redneck but I GOT her!”

They recently celebrated 10 years together and started Instagator Airboat Rides. After this much time in the industry, there wasn’t much left to the imagination and all the pieces fell in place for the first charter November of 2017! “I wish SO MUCH for folks to come join me for an incredible experience!”   

Capt. Mike Channell, Owner/Operator
Instagator Airboat Rides