Winter Airboat Ride Outlook

roseate spoonbill

It’s a brand new year and BABY…. “It’s really NOT so cold outside” in Florida that is! We are headed through that one little stretch leading to President’s Day which is February 15, and that usually ushers in SPRING BREAK and the beginning of my busy season of giving airboat rides through the wilds of Florida. The water level is dropping, and the air is brisk!

You can expect some changes in the wildlife in the river area during winter as you take your airboat ride. The birds are partying as wade pools only inches deep give way to the bounty of small fry and crustaceans that these birds gorge on by the THOUSANDS!! Then there’s everyone’s favorite- THE ALLIGATOR which is also moving towards mating season in April and they are EVERYWHERE! Less water= less territory and higher concentrations. Every year around March, people are astounded by what they see as these animals line the shores by the hundreds! All I can say is, words don’t do it justice!