Summer Heat

Greetings gang! Summer’s here and my stars the heat came on fast! The love bugs are dying off but the midday sun is REALLY turning on! With that in mind, I want YOU, the customer, to make an informed decision regarding the timing of your trip so that you have a safe and COMFORTABLE experience while I deliver what I promise!

Heat is a GIANT factor when operating in the marsh, and the animals we seek are affected by this transition from spring to summer, yet there’s more to the equation. First, with regards to animals- alligators in particular are active all night using the cool and darkness to lend an edge to the element of surprise when it comes to feeding. Other critters also come alive at night, whether coons, possum and many others foraging at the river’s edge, eating snails, mussels or whatever comes their way. Alligators take FULL advantage of this opportunity. Regardless of being lazy opportunists, they hold a huge advantage during the night. Incredibly keen senses do make them the ultimate ambush predator! That’s why as the sun rises, they move to shorelines to relax and dry off during those morning hours leading to around noon, then it’s back to the water ‘til sunset. Once again before dark, they will have a turn on the beach before another night emerges.

Here’s one other factor regarding the airboat…. I’ve been in this business now for almost 14 years and experience has taught me that a responsible Captain must recognize that lives are in his hands. Regardless of IMPECCABLE maintenance, I always must consider the “what if” scenario… When it comes to Florida’s blazing heat and humidity, let’s say the engine quits! This is a VERY rare occasion, but this is where my head is at all times. I’ll throw you two quick examples of a REALLY bad day…. Let’s say we’re dead in the water and it’s 90 degrees. I keep a sunbrella onboard but someone who’s not used to this season could get heat stroke. Another summertime favorite is sneaking the afternoon tour in before a thunderstorm! Been there- done that! I LOVE watching lightening… from my garage sipping a cold beer!

I think I’ve made my point here. I DO want your business, but I also want you making informed decisions that ensure everyone’s safety! Thanks for reading and I look forward to showing you the best part of your vacation!!

Regards, Captain Mike